My Top Five-Animated Motion Pictures

I’ve fallen in love with animated motion pictures.There is something extremely endearing about watching the animated characters go about their business,you guessed it,animatedly. Graphics and animation are extremely complicated and I doff my hat to anyone who can make a figure on a piece of paper and then breathe life into it. Here is a list of five of my all time favorite animated movies.

5.Bee Movie:

    This was my first experience of watching a full feature length animated movie on television. Bee Movie follows the life of a newly graduated bee,Barry B. Benson (voiced by Jerry Seinfeld) who is dismayed and discouraged by the thought of making honey his entire life.Being the ebullient bee that he is,he yearns for adventure and wants to explore new career avenues.A chance trip to a supermarket has him discover,to his horror,that humans have been exploiting bees for centuries,by taking away their honey from them.He resolves to sue the human race.He is aided in his endeavor by a florist Vanessa Bloom ( Ren`ee Zellweger) who saves his life twice, and Adam Flayman (Matthew Broderick) who is Barry’s best friend and acts as his attorney on the case.Barry also makes friends with Mooseblood the Mosquito and myriad other insects he encounters along the way.He wins the lawsuit against the human race but at terrible price. Barry then sets about repairing the damage he has caused and the movie ends with Mooseblood the Mosquito (Chris Rock), now an attorney himself,patiently listening to the woes of a cow,telling him about how her milk is exploited by humans. I specially loved the part where we’re shown how a hive functions and how honey is made. Perhaps not exactly and technically correct, I give it full marks for imagination and a plausible storyline.Of course,having Jerry Seinfeld on board doesn’t hurt,either.

4.Horton Hears a Who!

This movie came out in 2008. It tells the story of a jolly and peace loving elephant, Horton (Jim Carrey) who lives in the jungle of Nool with his friends and spends all day splashing about in the water.His entire world changes when,one fine day, he hears tiny yelps coming from a speck of dust and discovers a complete world within the speck,known as Whoville.The city’s mayor,Ned McDodd (Steve Carell) and Horton begin exchanging notes through a huge horn and Horton learns that Whoville will be destroyed unless moved to a more stable home.Horton takes it upon himself to find his new friends a suitable home and the rest of the movie trails Horton and his (mis)adventures while trying to accomplish his objective. What I loved about this movie was the multidimensional portrayal of the creatures.Like, the mayor of Whoville has a huge family,comprising of a wife,96 daughters and 1 son,who is reluctant to become the next mayor and instead wants to become an astronomer. The worries,concerns and fears of the Whoville residents are as real as any of ours. Though not a big league movie,I liked it because of its simplicity.

3. Finding Nemo:

A 2003 film,Finding Nemo is the story of a clownfish Marlin (Albert Brooks), who is overly protective of his only son Nemo (Alexander Gould) after losing his entire family to a barracuda. When Nemo disobeys his father on the first day of school and wanders away,he gets captured by a scuba diver and taken to Sydney, where his captor, a dentist, puts him in an aquarium,where he meets the Tank Gang,led by Gill.

 Meanwhile, Marlin, who is desperately searching for his son, is joined by Dory (Ellen DeGeneres),a Regal tang with a short term memory loss. She vows to reunite him with Nemo and they begin the arduous journey, battling sea plankton,jellyfish and hitching a ride with sea turtles all the way to Sydney Harbor where a friendly pelican lets Nemo know that his father is searching for him. Aided by Gill and his enthusiastic exhortions,Nemo escapes the aquarium and reaches the ocean.

Marlin and Dory,after having survived being swallowed by a whale, are disheartened to see no sign of Nemo anywhere and prepare to return when Marlin hears Nemo’s voice and they are joyfully reunited.Nemo displays his newly acquired leadership skills to save a school of fish from being captured and Marlin finally concedes that he was wrong about Nemo all along.

The film works on many levels ,but what stays behind with you for a long time is the captivating underwater life and the banter between Marlin and Dory. Dory is one of the most ebullient,naive and comic characters ever to come on screen.I loved her.A thoroughly enjoyable watch any day.


  A rat’s dream to become a chef. A wonderful little story with an amazing plot line and characters.Remy (Patton Oswalt) is a rat who longs to put his cooking skills to good use.He wants to become a chef and his idol is Auguste Gusteau. Alfredo Linguini (Lou Romano) is a bumbling fellow,hired as the kitchen cleaner.He is Gusteau’s son and the heir to the restaurant.Colette  Tatou (a chef in the kitchen) is hired to supervise Linguini.Nobody knows that the actual cooking is being done by Remy. Skinner (the present owner of the restaurant) has other designs on the restaurant which are laid bare by Remy.Skinner is dismissed and Linguini takes charge. The restaurant flourishes and noted critic Anton Ego comes to inspect the food. He is known for his acid and caustic remarks.Meanwhile,Skinner has discovered the secret behind the success of the restaurant and arrives to blow their cover.Remy’s plight causes his family to come to his rescue and they lock Skinner up in the pantry.Remy and Linguini serve Anton with Rataouille,which puts him in a nostalgic mode.He praises the restaurant in glowing terms for a newspaper review.

But due to rat infestation, Gusteau’s is closed down and Anton loses his job and credibility as a food critic.He,however,turns into an enthusiastic investor and markets the new restaurant of Linguini’s,called “La Ratatouille”,and the beginning of a collaboration between humans and rats.

Rats have always been associated with everything unpleasant and dirty.Ratatouille manages to create sympathy and empathy for them.We see them,not as rats,but as creatures worthy of our attention.A delicious little tale.

1. Wall-E:

   I am not going to harp about the story.I trust you know it already. What I absolutely loved about the movie was the manner in which the robots were portrayed.Wall-E is never a robot.He is almost human. You can identify with his humdrum life.Your eyes light up like his when he sees Eve.Your heart is crushed like his when she doesn’t recognize him anymore.When he goes all the way into outer space to save Eve,you wish with all your heart that they end up together,even though you know they’re only robots,incapable of human emotions. That’s how powerful the characterization is.

Much has been written about the special effects,the plotline,the costs involved et al.Wall-E and Eve can give half of Bollywood a sound run for their money.Their expressions,body language and voice modulations are pitch perfect.

My favorite line? It’s when Wall-e introduces himself to Eve. “Waaall-e”

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Bollywood’s Take on Five Professions

Hello readers!

This post will focus on five commonplace professions most abused and warped by Bollywood.Though there is a slight smattering of truth and tiny chunks of reality hidden in them somewhere,like those chocolate chip cookies,on the whole,what you see on screen is nowhere close to reality.

(Warning: Long post)

1.Doctor/General Practitioner: Perhaps the most unfortunate souls in a movie,doctors are pathetically reduced to strict stereotypes.

  • The setting:Often,a plush clinic/gleaming hospital.
  • Attire: Hindi movie doctors refuse to be seen without their mandatory white coats and faithful stethoscopes.It’s blasphemous to appear without the two.
  • Standard dialogues: Docs in a movie regularly spout them though I’ve never heard these words from a real life doctor.

Ab ise dawa ki nahi,dua ki zaroorat hai.

Aap foran do lakh rupaye jama kara dijiye,nahi toh patient ka operation nahi ho paayega.

Ab bhagwan hi maalik hai.

Humne poori koshish ki,magar afsos,hum patient ko nahi bacha paye.

Sthithi gambheer hai.Hum ma aur bacche mein se kisi ek ko hi bacha paayenge.


All accident/attempted suicide cases are treated just like normal ones.Unless of course the patient is the progatonist’s mother/father/sister and the perpetrator in question is a big shot.Then,you’ll have the following dialogue.

Aap pehle yeh form fill kijiye.Police ki poochtaach ke baad hi hum operation kar sakte hain.

At which,the protagonist visibly reacts by saying:

Kya?Yahan ek patient ki jaan jaa rahi hai aur aapko form ki padi hai?Doctor saab,log aapko bhagwan ka darja dete hain aur aap…..meherbaani karke operation shuru kijiye.Baaki formalities main dekh loonga/loongi.

So,of course,against all rules,the doctor performs the operation and all is hunky dory till the cops barge in and demand an explanation.All this in the recovery room,with the patient barely conscious.So much for rest and relaxation.

Manipulative techniques: Doctors are as hard as talc.One tear here,one whimpering look there,and they’re putty in your hands.And being Hindi film doctors,they are at par with the hero/heroine at displaying liberal amounts of goodliness and godliness.One can simply put a gun to the doc’s head and demand that he perform the operation for free/for his only dying son and the good doctor will oblige.What’s more,your entire clan can camp in the hospital for days,sing bhajans and even do an impromptu jig.

Essentials: Doctors will often be found poring over X-ray charts and microscopes.A serious expression sometimes crosses their face when informing someone about their diagnosis,like,”lymphosarcoma of the intestine” or “aapko cancer hai.Aur woh bhi final stage mein.”

Diagnosis for Dummies: A good Hindi movie doctor is omnipotent.He/She will simply check the pulse of the patient for diagnosis.How profoundly simple.Just pulse checking.After four brutal years of undergrad med school,followed by two years of specialization,followed by a grueling license exam, when all you have to do is to check the pulse.Wizard.

Hera Pheri: Hindi movie docs are also very sympathetic to the plight of hapless and helpless people.They will switch babies and hand over the wrong birth certificates because they don’t want any trouble for the protagonist afterwards.

Kill Pill: Doctors gone astray,doctors wanting revenge on society/mankind/God/rich father in-law make use of their awesome ability to mix poisons,crush colorful pills and play around with the IV line to kill their enemies.No one suspects a doctor,because,in the end;

Ek doctor ka darja bhagwan se bhi ooncha hota hai.



Being a student of psychology,I’ve never seen a profession so totally mutilated and disfigured as a psychologist in Hindi movies.

  • Setting: A private clinic (almost always) or a chic hospital.
  • How to recruit psychiatrists:

Position applied for-Psychiatrist in a Hindi feature film.

Qualifications-Males,above fifty five,bearded,thinning hair,five inch thick spectacles.Must always wear grey,grey and brown.Having a social life is a no-no.(If you’re a female,you must be fifty,dress like thirty and act like a twenty year old.Only unhappily married/about to get divorced females need apply.We assume all the single females who want to apply are not right in the head.We’re all for the equality of the genders,yo)

Desirable:A huge sized poster of Sigmund Freud,complicated looking charts which nobody will understand,least of all,you,an American/British accent.

Extremely desirable:A two tone expression,one for puzzling over the problem,the other for acting smug when your diagnosis is proven right.Mouthing words like “multiple personality disorder”  “amnesia”   “retrograde/anterograde”  will automatically establish you in the big league.

Most Used Tool: Hypnosis. For any and every problem,out pops this handy little tool.Dangle a round object suspended from a thread in front of the subject,oscillate it ten to twenty times while shouting on the top of your lungs and voila,the subject is under your control. Conveniently forget the fact that hypnosis is still not considered a valid and legal medical practice,that it has to be done by an expert,that you cannot hypnotize an unwilling subject.All that be darned.

The Diagnosis: Beat around the bush for a while,then dramatically announce to the befuddled people that the patient is suffering from “multiple mental disorder”. Don’t ask what it means.Just nod your heads like you comprehend everything.

The Cure:All disorders of the mind can be cured by a)hypnosis b)a tantrik baba,spouting verses c) a combination of the above.

Rule of the thumb: All females portraying a psychiatrist to look glum,grim and deliver the verdict with an ominous look.Chirpiness of any sort,any semblence of a social life/partner to be squashed out of character with immediate effect.

Absolute No Entry For: common sense,video conferencing with experts,a plausible explanation for the diagnosis,a viable treatment program. (Note: Psychologists/therapists routinely dole out advice to their patients.Even if it means going against the basic tenet of therapy).

3.Corporate Executive:

Q: What is a corporate executive as defined by Bollywood? Describe their appearance,lifestyle and habits.

A.A corporate executive is someone who makes money for a living.He/She is a one dimensional character without any depth.There is usually a mono expression on their faces,but if the movie is being directed by a National Award winner,then there are dual expressions.Following are their characteristics:

 These creatures dwell in an oblong boardroom.Their life consists of making multibillion deals,living in houses that would shame Buckingham Palace into oblivion,wear Armanis to bed and treading the fine line between good and bad.There is always someone in the company who turns out to be a mole/informer/vengeful employee.The execs have a fleet of cars,always at their disposal.Some have personal helicopters and chartered planes.Yet,during emergencies,the execs prefer taking the bus/train/taxi/auto and relish the unending traffic jams.

Q2: True or false- A female corporate exec is always fiercely ambitious and career oriented.


Q3: The overly ambitious aforesaid female has a fulfilling life outside of work,is happily married and also has kids.

Say what?

4. Journalist/Reporter:

Female 1: I’m a super bitch.I have slick looking hair.I have a flawless complexion.I speak with an accent.I wear heels on every assignment.If I’m wearing a designer dress,I’m not a serious journalist.If I have cropped my hair and am wearing a pantsuit,I’m as serious as they come.I talk in a monotone.If I don’t pepper my news with important sounding words,my boss’ll fire me.I manage to look gorgeous in any situation,be it a war front or a hostage situation.Gimme a mike,a cute cameraman and a van and I will get you your news.I’m that fabulous.

Female 2:Um,what about your qualifications? Your experience? Your interviewing and reporting skills? The endless preparation for a live news coverage?The fact that your job is potentially dangerous? The fact that you represent a major channel/newspaper? Your social responsibility?

Female 1: Hindi movies rock!!

5.Cop: Usually,you have the good cop-bad cop routine in interrogations.In Hindi movieland,you have the following:

Good Cop: Painfully honest.Willing to give his life for the police station/nation/profession.Either a havaldar or the DIG/DGP/ACP.When young,sings a few duets with a lady (who either turns into his wife or is killed after the duet,following which the good cop starts on his revenge saga).When older,is called upon as the chief guest to a school function,where he will either make a rousing speech or be killed,following which his nalayak son will turn layak and hunt his father’s killers.The most favorite dialogue of the good cop goes something like “Kanoon ke haath bade lambe hote hain,tu bach nahi paayega

Bad Cop: They have the most fun.They get to chew on betel leaves,nuts,candy bars and spew the most amazing dialogues like ” Ab tujhe mujhse koi nahi bacha paayega” and “Bahut ho gaya tera naatak.Ab dekh mera keher” and the like.They like terrorizing the general public,most specifically the protagonist’s family members,until the protagonist sees red and charges after the bad cops.

Baap of the Bad Cops: Pure evil in looks and mannerisms,these creatures are the stuff nightmares are made of.Very seldom employed in a movie.

I know I’ve missed out on some more professions,like politicians,lawyers,medical examiners.I’m hoping somebody takes the cue and writes about them.(Jhims,ho jaaye!!)

Coming next:A post on women in the Bollywood workplace,the most common diseases the protagonists are afflicted with.

>Raajneeti Revelations

>Surprise!! I caught the second day first show of Raajneeti.I usually watch new releases months after they release,partly because I’m too lazy to go out and crowds bother me.But this one was an exception.The tickets were already booked and not wanting to earn a sigh of dismay from my family,waiting in the car,I hopped in.Boy,am I glad I did.

I’m sure you can read the reviews and discussions pertaining to the film on any of the popular movie sites or discussion forums.What I’m doing here is listing down my opinions and a fair amount of amateur analysis.This,folks,is Palla’s Take on Raajneeti.

1.First things first.This movie shows,yet again,that all that the audience really needs is a good storyline,strong dialogues and a plausible ending.

2.Arjun Rampal is GORGEOUS.That,and he wowed me with his acting.I never considered him a good actor,not even after OSO(Om Shanti Om) and Rock On.But I was forced to eat my words when I saw his Prithvi Pratap consume the screen with his sheer presence and crafty acting.

3.Naseeruddin Shah and Nana Patekar.Two simple reasons to watch the movie.They just keep getting better and better and better with every movie and role they play.Nana shines as the sly and caring mentor of the two warring families.The sheer effortlessness and ease with which he essays his role is a treat for the eyes.All his histronics aside,Nana’s quiet performance is powerful.Naseer only has a cameo in the beginning but ah! what an actor.Is there any role this man can’t play?Naseer sir,take a bow!

4.Manoj Bajpai is one hell of an underrated actor.So what if he starred in a few flops?How can we forget Satya,Kaun and Shool?Here too,as the vindictive and vengeful cousin,Veerendra Pratap,Manoj delivers a sparkling peformance.

5.The biggest two suprises of all.Ranbir and Katrina.Okay okay,for all his pure candy bar looks and awesome dancing skills,I never liked him for his acting. Ditto for Katrina.No doubt,she looks like a vision and dances well,but with regards to acting,I never managed to give her more than four on a ten.Again,my belly overflowed with all the eating of words.Ranbir and Katrina both prove their acting prowess in this film.I was pleasantly taken aback to see her in a no-makeup look which captured her true innocent beauty,akin to the feelings of her character.As the naive scion of the political family who later masterminds the entire operation,Ranbir gives a startlingly realistic performance.He underplays his part beautifully and gives a cold, controlled and restrained act.Kudos to both of them.

6.This film further reinforced my firmly held belief that Ajay Devgan was put on earth and in Bollywood to glower and scorch the screen with his brooding brand of acting.I dont care whether he has comic timing or not,whether he can dance or not.When it comes to darkening the screen with his looks and chilling the atmosphere,Ajay’s the man for you.

7.Albeit a little longer than I expected,Raajneeti has all its elements in place.Drawing heavily from the epic Mahabharata,it translates well into the present day scenario.The screenplay is aggressive and taut,the casting is immaculate,the dialouges crisp and the performances of the entire cast are top notch.Every actor delivers his or her bit to perfection,making this film an ensemble masterpiece.

Lastly,I loved the fact that there are no sermons in the movie.Nothing is right,nothing is wrong.And yet,everything is fair in love and war.It depicts the reality as it is,no frills attached and certainly no long moral lectures.The film leaves it to the audience to interpret the ending and does not adopt a preachy tone anywhere.A huge round of applause to Prakash Jha and his entire cast and crew for taking this ambitious project and transforming it into an excellent piece of cinematic elegance.

>My Review:Rann

>I admit it,I am not a fan of RGV.The only movies of his which I liked were Satya,Bhoot and Sarkar.After the colossal debacle called “RGV ki Aag” and other lesser mishaps like Agyaat,there was some amount of trepidation as I sat down to watch Rann.Of course,the movie had everything going for it.No songs,a storyline,credible actors and fully clothed females.Now all that remained was the watching of the movie.
It started.Painfully honest and conscience worshipper media baron’s TV station is slipping in the TRP rankings.Wilful,over ambitious and restless son wants to take over the reins and herald a new era.Pure souled journalist and the media baron’s ardent fan joins the station to follow his footsteps.Media baron’s soulless son in-law joins hands with a politician(corrupt,of course) to gain his own ends.Debonair and practical rival TV channel’s head honcho gloats about his channel’s popularity.Bomb blasts occur,a fellow politico is blamed and the footage is shown by media baron’s channel.This incident throws everyone’s life out of gear.How the real culprit is found out and how power equations change form the crux of the story from this point onwards.
Rann tells us who the characters are,what they believe in and who did what at the very outset of the movie.What is sets to reveal till the end is the see saw of emotions,the role of facades and character masks.Amitabh Bachchan as Vijay Harshvardhan Malik is surprisingly tepid and lukewarm.The only time he scores is when he is shown sitting besides the dead body of his son.Reitish Deshmukh’s Purab Shastri comes across as mechanical and disinteresting.No doubt,some sequences do leave you sympathizing with him,like when he realizes the double nature of people around him.His despair and shattering of trust does not show through.He gives a sincere,albeit just-so performance.Rajat Kapoor as Vijay Malik’s son in-law is as usual,cynical and cunningly played.I do believe that he is getting typecast.Paresh Rawal is excellent as Mohan Pandey,the politician who wants to become the chief minister.Suchitra Krishnamurthy as CFO Nalini Kashyap is okay;there is not much scope for her to go on.One feels the need to mention Rajpal Yadav.What first seems as a loud and disturbing character eventually begins making sense towards the end,especially the sequence where he interviews Rawal’s character.Mohnish Belh as Amrish Kakkar,the rival channel head is very good.He is one underrated actor.Gul Panag,Neetu Chandra and Simone Singh are totally wasted.Finally,the guy who plays Jai Malik,Vijay’s son is good in parts and indifferent at times.His death sequence surely is different;without any melodrama.
The screenplay is good,but it does drags in parts.If the first hour goes by slowly,the second hour is riveting and gripping.The missed call sequence and Purab’s interview with Pandey are good writing bits.In the whole movie,Jai’s character is the actual victim.He represents high ideals and young anger which is completely misdirected and harnessed by other people to gain their own ends.The movie also raises a pertinent question-what is the actual role of the media today?The TRP wars nonwithstanding,how far are we willing to go to ensure that our views are heard,our channel is the best?Are we willing to manipulate the truth to such an extent that in the end,everything becomes a distorted reality?What is real and unreal anymore?Can we depend on the news telecasts or the famous “breaking news” segments?
Rann works because it neatly delivers a message by utilizing some of the best acting talents of our country in a very matter of fact manner.Rann means a warzone,and that is precisely what our media has become today.I am not a critic by profession but as a viewer and a connoisseur of good cinema,I have to say that none of the characters touched me or stayed with me after the movie was over.The writing was taut but not entirely spellbinding.And there was no closure,so to speak.Rann may not be a high grosser at the BO or be singled out for mention for praise,but it certainly is good,strong cinema with a significant and relatable message and a deeply thought provoking question.

>What Is Bollywood?

>Frankly,I do not understand the term.There is no known meaning for the word “Bollywood”.As if this wasn’t enough,we have many more woods.We have the Malayalam film industry called Kollywood,Tamil and Telugu movie industries called Tollywood and a Gujarati film industry called Gollywood.For that matter,what does Hollywood mean?Somebody please enlighten me.I think I agree with what Amitabh Bacchhan said about all these woods,specifically our Bollywood.He condemned the usage of the word,terming it derogatory and copied from the West.I do not have his exact words but yes,the above line sure captures the effect.He has emphasized on calling it the “Indian film fraternity or industry” which I find to be very dignified and agreeable.
Why do we have this innate urge to copy the Western ways,mannerisms and movies?Why can’t we give our rusting brains a much needed exercise instead of spending valuable manpower and resources on diligently copying a movie reel by reel?There are umpteen examples,a few being:
Kyunki Main Jhoot Nahi Bolta copied from Liar Liar.
God Tussi Great Ho from Bruce Almighty
Raaz from What Lies Beneath
Tarzan-the wonder car from Christine
Kuchh To Hai from I Know What You Did Last Summer
Partner from Hitch
Mr. Ya Miss from Its A Boy Girl Thing/The Hot Chick

(refer for the entire list.You might also want to check out

When asked,the directors and producers of the movies will always tell you that the original was a source of “inspiration” for the current movie.Inspiration,really?Desperation,more like.If you check out the movies made during the 1940s and 50s,the meaning of inspiration becomes clear.No doubt,some movies of those eras were also imitations of old Western classics(sorry,couldn’t get the names),but they were certainly not so blatantly copied and renamed and released.The screenplay writers did permutate and infuse their own essence to the original storyline which made all the difference.
The modern films,with their super luscious locales,glossy looking lead actors and a bunch of song-and-dance sequences thrown in,are a poor poor adaptation of the original one.The percentage of realistic cinema,as far as “Bollywood” is concerned is quite negligable.
Our country produces the most number of movies in the world,according to the Guinness Book of World Records.Doesn’t that count for something?We have incredible talent in every nook and corner of this country.Regional films,made in states like West Bengal,Karnataka,rural Rajasthan etc are worth a watch.And yet we fawn over Sylvester Stallone,Denise Richards and a certain Barbara Mori.The actors are,undeniably,very good at their craft,but why do we need to worship them like demigods?I haven’t had the heart to watch Slumdog Millionnaire after watching the Oscars.I felt so downright ashamed of my country when I saw Rahman perform the much acclaimed Jai Ho with a host of dancers.Why haven’t we been able to get the fact straight that it was a foreign film,made entirely by foreigners.Only the location and the actors were of Indian origin.When Shilpa Shetty won the Bigg Brother,nothing else was discussed and printed in the tabloids for a month.Why all this hoopla?Just coz’ she won a reality show?Or was it because it was a UK based reality show.Would we have cared that much if she had won the Big Boss here in India?When an Indian American wins the spelling bee contest in the US,its great news back here.When one of our actors collaborates with the Western people,we are on cloud nine.A reality check.What happened to the much publicized and much talked about Ash’s role in Pink Panther?Similarly,Sushmita’s Karma confessions and Holi,a project with Robert deNiro’s daughter Drena was a dud.
In spite of all the rejections,we still harbour positive feelings for the Western industry and still hope to become an integral part of it.My question is,why?For God’s sake,why?Don’t we have any sort of self respect left anymore?All our movies which are sent to the Oscar committee with a lot of smugness on the part of the producers and a lot of aplomb on the part of the Indian people,not one has ever made it to the top five.Reason?None of them are original in thought nor they have a solid storyline.Because we lack a strong script,we attempt to fill the void with meaningless dances,weird sounding dialogues and a general poor finish to the already dwindling story.No wonder our movies are never considered for their top five.
Another question.Why do we standardize the Oscar as the most important and most valued award in the world?What is wrong with our own National Awards?Why is it that only if you wear an Armani suit or a Versache gown and splatter yourself with Swarovski crystals and walk on the red carpet with your arm candy are you considered successful in the movie business?Is there a heavenly order which says,”Thy shall consider the Oscar to be the ultimate award?”.No.The Oscar is just another award,which is given to the best in the Western film industry.Just like the Filmfare awards are given over here.I suspect that all the awards are rigged,but that is another topic.If an actor gets a National Award,he must consider himself lucky to get a paragraph’s worth of attention in the papers the next day.National award winners are,for some unfathomable reason,considered to be serious,nonsmiling actors and also given roles which reinforces the absurd notion.Have you seen Seema Biswas dancing around an oak?Have you ever seen Om Puri or a Sanjeev Kapoor doing anything but the so called “character actor” roles?We all have a PhD in stereotyping people and actors are no exception.If a mainstream actor does an “offbeat” role,he or she is showered with accolades and the Critics’ awards.Nowhere else do we have categories like “art film” and “mainstream” and “masala film”.Masala film?What did you put in it,ground cardamom and fenugreek?Are you making a movie or an eatable?
What was my point anyway?Oh,Bollywood.All I am saying is,instead of having the Mumbai film industry dominate the rest of the country,the other states should actively promote their own kind of films.India is not made up of Mumbai alone,there are a lot many states with a whole lot of talent which are yet to be tapped.If we start looking inwards instead of outwards,there will be no more reason to ape the West and get “inspired”.The West will look towards us.