My Top Five-Animated Motion Pictures

I’ve fallen in love with animated motion pictures.There is something extremely endearing about watching the animated characters go about their business,you guessed it,animatedly. Graphics and animation are extremely complicated and I doff my hat to anyone who can make a figure on a piece of paper and then breathe life into it. Here is a list of five of my all time favorite animated movies.

5.Bee Movie:

    This was my first experience of watching a full feature length animated movie on television. Bee Movie follows the life of a newly graduated bee,Barry B. Benson (voiced by Jerry Seinfeld) who is dismayed and discouraged by the thought of making honey his entire life.Being the ebullient bee that he is,he yearns for adventure and wants to explore new career avenues.A chance trip to a supermarket has him discover,to his horror,that humans have been exploiting bees for centuries,by taking away their honey from them.He resolves to sue the human race.He is aided in his endeavor by a florist Vanessa Bloom ( Ren`ee Zellweger) who saves his life twice, and Adam Flayman (Matthew Broderick) who is Barry’s best friend and acts as his attorney on the case.Barry also makes friends with Mooseblood the Mosquito and myriad other insects he encounters along the way.He wins the lawsuit against the human race but at terrible price. Barry then sets about repairing the damage he has caused and the movie ends with Mooseblood the Mosquito (Chris Rock), now an attorney himself,patiently listening to the woes of a cow,telling him about how her milk is exploited by humans. I specially loved the part where we’re shown how a hive functions and how honey is made. Perhaps not exactly and technically correct, I give it full marks for imagination and a plausible storyline.Of course,having Jerry Seinfeld on board doesn’t hurt,either.

4.Horton Hears a Who!

This movie came out in 2008. It tells the story of a jolly and peace loving elephant, Horton (Jim Carrey) who lives in the jungle of Nool with his friends and spends all day splashing about in the water.His entire world changes when,one fine day, he hears tiny yelps coming from a speck of dust and discovers a complete world within the speck,known as Whoville.The city’s mayor,Ned McDodd (Steve Carell) and Horton begin exchanging notes through a huge horn and Horton learns that Whoville will be destroyed unless moved to a more stable home.Horton takes it upon himself to find his new friends a suitable home and the rest of the movie trails Horton and his (mis)adventures while trying to accomplish his objective. What I loved about this movie was the multidimensional portrayal of the creatures.Like, the mayor of Whoville has a huge family,comprising of a wife,96 daughters and 1 son,who is reluctant to become the next mayor and instead wants to become an astronomer. The worries,concerns and fears of the Whoville residents are as real as any of ours. Though not a big league movie,I liked it because of its simplicity.

3. Finding Nemo:

A 2003 film,Finding Nemo is the story of a clownfish Marlin (Albert Brooks), who is overly protective of his only son Nemo (Alexander Gould) after losing his entire family to a barracuda. When Nemo disobeys his father on the first day of school and wanders away,he gets captured by a scuba diver and taken to Sydney, where his captor, a dentist, puts him in an aquarium,where he meets the Tank Gang,led by Gill.

 Meanwhile, Marlin, who is desperately searching for his son, is joined by Dory (Ellen DeGeneres),a Regal tang with a short term memory loss. She vows to reunite him with Nemo and they begin the arduous journey, battling sea plankton,jellyfish and hitching a ride with sea turtles all the way to Sydney Harbor where a friendly pelican lets Nemo know that his father is searching for him. Aided by Gill and his enthusiastic exhortions,Nemo escapes the aquarium and reaches the ocean.

Marlin and Dory,after having survived being swallowed by a whale, are disheartened to see no sign of Nemo anywhere and prepare to return when Marlin hears Nemo’s voice and they are joyfully reunited.Nemo displays his newly acquired leadership skills to save a school of fish from being captured and Marlin finally concedes that he was wrong about Nemo all along.

The film works on many levels ,but what stays behind with you for a long time is the captivating underwater life and the banter between Marlin and Dory. Dory is one of the most ebullient,naive and comic characters ever to come on screen.I loved her.A thoroughly enjoyable watch any day.


  A rat’s dream to become a chef. A wonderful little story with an amazing plot line and characters.Remy (Patton Oswalt) is a rat who longs to put his cooking skills to good use.He wants to become a chef and his idol is Auguste Gusteau. Alfredo Linguini (Lou Romano) is a bumbling fellow,hired as the kitchen cleaner.He is Gusteau’s son and the heir to the restaurant.Colette  Tatou (a chef in the kitchen) is hired to supervise Linguini.Nobody knows that the actual cooking is being done by Remy. Skinner (the present owner of the restaurant) has other designs on the restaurant which are laid bare by Remy.Skinner is dismissed and Linguini takes charge. The restaurant flourishes and noted critic Anton Ego comes to inspect the food. He is known for his acid and caustic remarks.Meanwhile,Skinner has discovered the secret behind the success of the restaurant and arrives to blow their cover.Remy’s plight causes his family to come to his rescue and they lock Skinner up in the pantry.Remy and Linguini serve Anton with Rataouille,which puts him in a nostalgic mode.He praises the restaurant in glowing terms for a newspaper review.

But due to rat infestation, Gusteau’s is closed down and Anton loses his job and credibility as a food critic.He,however,turns into an enthusiastic investor and markets the new restaurant of Linguini’s,called “La Ratatouille”,and the beginning of a collaboration between humans and rats.

Rats have always been associated with everything unpleasant and dirty.Ratatouille manages to create sympathy and empathy for them.We see them,not as rats,but as creatures worthy of our attention.A delicious little tale.

1. Wall-E:

   I am not going to harp about the story.I trust you know it already. What I absolutely loved about the movie was the manner in which the robots were portrayed.Wall-E is never a robot.He is almost human. You can identify with his humdrum life.Your eyes light up like his when he sees Eve.Your heart is crushed like his when she doesn’t recognize him anymore.When he goes all the way into outer space to save Eve,you wish with all your heart that they end up together,even though you know they’re only robots,incapable of human emotions. That’s how powerful the characterization is.

Much has been written about the special effects,the plotline,the costs involved et al.Wall-E and Eve can give half of Bollywood a sound run for their money.Their expressions,body language and voice modulations are pitch perfect.

My favorite line? It’s when Wall-e introduces himself to Eve. “Waaall-e”

Note:All the images are courtsey Google Images.


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