>Raajneeti Revelations

>Surprise!! I caught the second day first show of Raajneeti.I usually watch new releases months after they release,partly because I’m too lazy to go out and crowds bother me.But this one was an exception.The tickets were already booked and not wanting to earn a sigh of dismay from my family,waiting in the car,I hopped in.Boy,am I glad I did.

I’m sure you can read the reviews and discussions pertaining to the film on any of the popular movie sites or discussion forums.What I’m doing here is listing down my opinions and a fair amount of amateur analysis.This,folks,is Palla’s Take on Raajneeti.

1.First things first.This movie shows,yet again,that all that the audience really needs is a good storyline,strong dialogues and a plausible ending.

2.Arjun Rampal is GORGEOUS.That,and he wowed me with his acting.I never considered him a good actor,not even after OSO(Om Shanti Om) and Rock On.But I was forced to eat my words when I saw his Prithvi Pratap consume the screen with his sheer presence and crafty acting.

3.Naseeruddin Shah and Nana Patekar.Two simple reasons to watch the movie.They just keep getting better and better and better with every movie and role they play.Nana shines as the sly and caring mentor of the two warring families.The sheer effortlessness and ease with which he essays his role is a treat for the eyes.All his histronics aside,Nana’s quiet performance is powerful.Naseer only has a cameo in the beginning but ah! what an actor.Is there any role this man can’t play?Naseer sir,take a bow!

4.Manoj Bajpai is one hell of an underrated actor.So what if he starred in a few flops?How can we forget Satya,Kaun and Shool?Here too,as the vindictive and vengeful cousin,Veerendra Pratap,Manoj delivers a sparkling peformance.

5.The biggest two suprises of all.Ranbir and Katrina.Okay okay,for all his pure candy bar looks and awesome dancing skills,I never liked him for his acting. Ditto for Katrina.No doubt,she looks like a vision and dances well,but with regards to acting,I never managed to give her more than four on a ten.Again,my belly overflowed with all the eating of words.Ranbir and Katrina both prove their acting prowess in this film.I was pleasantly taken aback to see her in a no-makeup look which captured her true innocent beauty,akin to the feelings of her character.As the naive scion of the political family who later masterminds the entire operation,Ranbir gives a startlingly realistic performance.He underplays his part beautifully and gives a cold, controlled and restrained act.Kudos to both of them.

6.This film further reinforced my firmly held belief that Ajay Devgan was put on earth and in Bollywood to glower and scorch the screen with his brooding brand of acting.I dont care whether he has comic timing or not,whether he can dance or not.When it comes to darkening the screen with his looks and chilling the atmosphere,Ajay’s the man for you.

7.Albeit a little longer than I expected,Raajneeti has all its elements in place.Drawing heavily from the epic Mahabharata,it translates well into the present day scenario.The screenplay is aggressive and taut,the casting is immaculate,the dialouges crisp and the performances of the entire cast are top notch.Every actor delivers his or her bit to perfection,making this film an ensemble masterpiece.

Lastly,I loved the fact that there are no sermons in the movie.Nothing is right,nothing is wrong.And yet,everything is fair in love and war.It depicts the reality as it is,no frills attached and certainly no long moral lectures.The film leaves it to the audience to interpret the ending and does not adopt a preachy tone anywhere.A huge round of applause to Prakash Jha and his entire cast and crew for taking this ambitious project and transforming it into an excellent piece of cinematic elegance.


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