>Pretty Great,Wodehouse!

>Ah,I have but one regret.That of not discovering this absolute genius earlier.I was sceptical of reading him as I was not sure whether I could understand and fully appreciate his works.But when my dad gifted me one of his books for my birthday,I inaugrated the Wodehouse account.
Boy,what a ride through the Wodehouse train! There are a number of things I love about his writing and a few are discussed here.The first thought that comes to mind while beginning a story,whether it be Bertie and Jeeves or Blandings(I have to read the others yet) is how simple the actual premise of the stoy is.It is only when you delve into the pages further do you realize the full depth of this intelligent and truly humorous writer.The characters created by Wodehouse are a visual canvas themselves,each with their own sweet,at times annoying and irritating idiosyncracies.My personal favorites are Lord Emsworth,Bertram Wooster,Jeeves,Beach the Butler, Galahad Threepwood and Sir Gregory Parsloe.The manner in which PG breathed life into each character,with their habits,likes,dislikes is just outstanding.Oh,how can one forget the Empress of Blandings,the prize pig of Lord Emsworth’s?She is often referred to as the “noble animal” and has eating habits almost akin to mine.
Another feature about his stories is the humor.That bland,in-your-face humor.What a treat to read those lines.Much of the humor is derived from deriding the normal everyday practices and habits to accomodate more superficial stuff.For instance,Lord Emsworth’s pet complaint about his secretaries is that they always “make him do stuff,sign papers” et al,when all he wants to do is to gaze lovingly and reverently at the Empress.Satire and black humor also find a place in his stories.
The plot is always full of twists and turns and someone,usually,of the calibre of Jeeves or Galahad Threepwood,has to be brought in to sort the mess.Blandings Castle is not Blandings Castle without a few impersonators roaming about its premises and I can only shudder to think of what will happen to Bertie without Jeeves as his buffer.
Only someone like Wodehouse can come up with “a moody salted almond” or “a thoughtful cigarette”.His characters are the most colorful of the lot.Bertie with his aunt-phobia,Jeeves and his Special Morning Afters,Lord Emsworth’s delightfully absent brain and his deep attachment to his noble pet,the Empress,Gally’s gallant manners and a constant tendency to irritate his sisters,Beach’s uprightness which is sometimes compromised,Sir Gregory Parsloe’s constant bid to outdo Lord Emsworth…all the characters have something to offer.In the end,every loose thread is tied with remarkable dexterity and everything becomes Aal Izz Well.
Like I said,I am only sorry that I did not discover this amazing writer before.Now I can’t wait to read each and every book of his.Right ho! then.


3 thoughts on “>Pretty Great,Wodehouse!

  1. >Timing couldn't have been better- I just finished 'Ring for Jeeves' and I can fully relate with your views on the humor, the plot and the awesome sarcasm… it had me in splits! oh Wodehouse- I am so glad he was born! πŸ™‚

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