>My Hyderabad Experience:Part One

>I’ve decided to call this first part “The General Panorama”.I’ve been in Hyderabad for a year and a half and I think it’s time I wrote about it.So,here goes.It may turn out to be a venting,raving and ranting session,so those precious few who read my blog and get bored are welcome to say so.

1.Weather:Nice,noncommital topic to begin with.The weather over here is almost always deliciously balmy and calm.Not too hot,never too cold but in between humid.Rains have a special affinity towards this city and it keeps on pouring at regular intervals.

2.Water:Since I was a kid,my mom used to drill in my still forming brain the virtues of the water of Hyderabad.”The water and air of this city are like nowhere else” was her constant mantra whenever the heat and dust of my beloved Ahmedabad got too much for her.I never believed her till now.The water is indeed magical,coz it miraculously cured my pimple and pimple-scar ridden face into something people can recognize as a face.

3.Roads:Sorry,did I say roads?Must’ve been outta my mind.Finding a proper cemented depotholed road is akin to having an alien from Andromeda saying good morning to you in pure Hindi.

4.People:I seriously believe people here are from another time,planet and space.Merely wearing a simple pair of jeans and a tee is enough to garner more attention than say,India winning the World Cup.

5.Language:Ha,my favorite part.Hyderabadi hindi is something that has to be experienced.It’s a weirdly endearing sound.”Nakko bhai,hum nahi khaata” (No thanks,I do not eat this);”Hum aata,to tum kyun jaata” (Why do you leave when I come?);”Movie bout accha hai kathe” (it seems the movie is very nice).The first time I heard these dialouges,I couldn’t stop laughing at the person’s face.Now I laugh in my room.

6.Houses:The houses in Hyderabad are the quaintest feature of this city.While on one hand you have your typical high rises,posh localities and trying-to-be-posh localities,it’s the other hand that interests me the most.Most areas still have those little delectable looking bungalows with their courtyards,a well in the backyard,rows and rows of flower pots overlooking the verandah and a little red postbox attached to the five feet high metal gate.I’m so glad I’m living in one of these houses.That’s not to say I do not like my home in Vickynagar(Jhims,our colony in the best in the world!!).

Okay,this post ends here.This was just an overview of what Hyderabad felt like.
To me,that is.The next in the series is my university experience.Till then,tata and birla.


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