>Random Ramblings

>Now this is going to be truly random post.I don’t know why I am even writing this.

*We,in the masters’ level class,are being taught how to change the font color and size in the “Advanced Computer Class”.I am searching for a terrace to jump out of.

*One of our vernacular profs says that all of us are good “uman beeeings”.And that some trees are really “hugh”.Did you know,”inforrrrmation” is really “impotant” nowadays?Yes,I am still throwing up.

*Despite my writing vehemently on my Orkut profile that I will not entertain fraaandsips requests from strangers,I still get them.Poor people,did not learn the alphabet,I guess.

*Grey’s Anatomy is a far far superior medical series than the joke that’s called Dill Mil Gaye.Why don’t they call it Dimaag Hil Gaye?I am dying to see the day when the six foolish interns finally decide to dig their brains from Alaska and use them.

*Thankfully,I have a nice PC to work on in the lab:-))

*Smriti Irani as Maniben is far more endearing and real than Tulsi mata.And yes,the morons from Dill Mil Gaye should have been given the case study of Baa(no reference to Baa Baa Black Sheep) to determine what makes her a medical marvel.

*I thoroughly love the concept of reincarnation and plastic surgery as used mercilessly in our soaps.It is downright hilarious.No Chandler can match up to it.

*It is only in our Hindi film industry that you can have parents and children who do not even remotely resemble one another.

*Is there still space left in Mumbai?

*India is an old woman now.Sixty two years old and still developing.

*I think I’ll stop now.Thanks for reading this pure crap.

P:S-I am still wondering about the space left in Mumbai.


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