>College Collage

>I was not in the best frame of mind when I finished my 12th.Quite frankly,I was tired,relieved and fed up of studying.Not that I had done much of it,but the very sight of books left me with an indelible sense of anger and worthlessness.Long before I was done with school,I knew where my calling lay.If anything,after successfully scaling the peak of 12th standard,albeit with a lot of recriminations thrown in,I decided to take stock of my life.Having realized that continuing with science would amount to suicide,I shifted my attention elsewhere.Being utterly hopeless with accounts and math,commerce was dropped out of the picture like Galileo dropped the iron balls from the tower of Pisa.Ahem…Arts.Having being encouraged by my teachers and family to take up English as a further course of action,I excitedly decided to take up literature as my major and began daydreaming about the wonderful books I was going to write and how the whole world will take notice of my work.Why is it that reality always hits you when you are least expecting it?And boy,does it hit hard.It so happened that the cut off list for literature was way,way beyond my meagre sixty nine percent,which I managed to score in the 12th.Disheartened,I tried looking at other options.Economics always made me want to run away to Siberia so that was out.Sanskrit wasn’t looking too good either so I enrolled in the only subject which was left.Psychology.
Xaviers has the very healthy reputation of being one of the best colleges in the city and the country and the 2005 edition of India Today had ranked the psychology program among the best 10 in the country.I had absolutely no clue about what I was going to expect while at college nor had I any inkling about the course,which sounded so darn professional and scary.
I’ve lived my life in the reverse gear.In school,I did everything I shouldn’t have been doing.I bunked classes,ran around the whole school with a couple of friends trying to hide from the teacher whose lecture we had bunked,sneaked away during the recess,failed to complete any sort of homework and was always at the bottom five of my class.College was a complete and utter turnover,as I was about to discover.
In one word,Xaviers equals discipline.The three years I spent there were the best years of my life and I cannot thank God enough to have given me the opportunity.All the Arts courses started at 7:45 am sharp and woe betide any unlucky student who reached late.All my professors were gems,their teaching superlative.Attendance was placed just next to breathing.Even if you fell short of one percent than what was required,you had to make endless rounds to Father Principal’s office,pleading with him to let you sit in the exam.An attendance blacklist would be put up after every quartet,and we used to behold the sight of the never ending line of defaulters.
The college provided me with something I had never hoped to encounter again in my life:confidence.My already diminishing confidence was irrevocably and totally murdered by the Loch Ness Monster of India,the 12th standard boards.I regained it part by part,and for the first time ever in my life,I started to top the class at studies.I also began enjoying the whole process of learning and studying,arguing and disagreeing with the professors and generally got my groove back.School,unfortunately,could never provide me with that.
Our college was more like a convent controlled premises with stringent rules and regulations,but it’s only due to those that we could regularize our lives and schedules.We lived in constant awe and terror of the Principal and I remember all of us actually holding our breaths that one time when he had come to class to address an issue.Propriety,stability,perseverance,the value of time,respect for people,event and crowd management and honesty with oneself were some of the life’s truths Xaviers taught me.Won’t be forgetting those lessons in a hurry.


3 thoughts on “>College Collage

  1. >yesterday i was at NIFT -D premises, to see a friend there.in smeway it turned out to be a enrollment day fr freshers…it was irresistible lending yrs to parents gossiping …:)"meri ladki toh parlour bhi akeli nahin jaati"then the other would flaunt.." woh shuru se delhi mein thi ,aur kabhi ccd bhi nahin gayi"gosh!!! they caught my cunning grin…"i m a juss passout" i said…unfortunately or the other way arnd..my friend dropped…smokin…hehehe.. n it was a scene…we came the very same way 4 yrs..before!

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